Our Key Partner Program

We carefully select and train compatible advisers whose basic expertise compliment our own and our client needs.

Contact us directly if you would like to discuss how your clients and ours may mutually benefit from our program.


How to support your clients through a successful exit of the business founder

Exit Planing, Succession Planning, Transition Planning. - do many experts to deal with. Any yet, none of these experts cover all the bases. Working collaboratively, you can provide your clients with better service and build a strong relationship with the incoming leadership.

Our business model recognizes strengths and limitations of the critical advisers. We are assembling a cadre of professionals who encounter business owners in need of transition guidance. Each partner benefits from the collective expertise of our group.

Partners we seek are bankers, attorneys, insurance brokers and Certified Public Accountants. Their clients are business owners facing decisions about their companies. The ideals company is generally $50 million plus in sales, has 40 or more employees, has multiple departments and established processes and is still held predominantly by its founder.