How to become part of our Partner Referral Team



Entrepreneur, Producer, Administrator, and Integrator are essential roles within a truly effective team

Strategic Plan –

Creating a plan for how the owner and his management team will achieve the vision.  This includes carving time out of already busy schedules to plan, communicate, share, discuss, and agree on “How” the “What” will be accomplished and “Why”.  Setting clear goals and action items on a quarterly basis to keep the momentum and create early “wins” will help build emotional commitment and support by everyone in the organization.  This becomes the way the business operates and is not a one-time workshop or event which generally have little long-term impacts.  My role as “Chief Transition Officer” means I am committed to my clients success on a long-term basis and am not operating as the typical consultant, or coach.  

Governance Structures

Clearly defining Roles and Boundaries and creating an effective Board of Directors, or Board of Advisors is a critical step to help assure long term business success.  If the founder wants to keep the business and become a passive owner, this is essential to create accountability and leadership all the way through the organization.  The traditional pyramid shaped Organizational Chart is being challenged and new models such as an “Organizational Lattice” or “Circle” might be considered to create a more effective structure supporting high performing teams.

Governance in the Family –

Legal, Tax, and Financial planning is important, but many families have never considered the addition of a formal structure such as a “Family Council”, a “Family Bank”, or having regular “Family Meetings” to create time and a “Safe Place for Courageous Talk”.  Family is the pathway for ownership transitions.  Assets may be bought and sold and the line items on the balance sheet may change, but the ultimate transition path for our personal balance sheet is normally to our spouse, our children, or to charity.  Families who create decision making structures to be able to discuss what happens when a family member dies and what effect the estate planning documents will have are much more likely to have a successful outcome with much less conflict.