Chip Ogawa

Operations Chief
Two By Four Enterprises


MBA, University of Dayton
5 years at Two By Four’s major competitor as Process Engineer, 6 years as Assistant Operations Chief at Two By Four, 2 years as Operations Chief at Two By Four
Retool the entire operation and upgrade technology so we can remain competitive.

If we're changing leadership, this is the time to change how we manage.

We have several core products that are very profitable. We have a few that round out the line but cost us money. Let's take a strategic look at what we're offering. Maybe we should drop a few products and add a few new ones that offer higher ROI.

Our competitors are initiating major innovations. We have to keep pace.

Technology is driving major changes in our industry, and we're not keeping pace. It's not just technology, but the new possibilities open to us once we upgrade our operations. We don't have to build every component of every product. Our entire value chain needs to be reviewed with fresh strategic eyes. I want to be part of that transition. I’m afraid if Jasper or Janine take over, the minimal changes they envision won't be enough to maintain our position in the market.

Our new leadership needs the stomach and the pockets to invest in the future

We need to take a more aggressive position on our future. Changes in capabilities are incremental. We need innovation and a fundamental shift in how we approach opportunity and manage production. Bob's a great guy, but I'm afraid his vision reflects his position in life. It's time for someone like William to step up and share his new vision. He is an innovator who is aggressive and pragmatic at the same time.