Charles Sprout

Assistant Golf Pro
Hill Valley Golf Club

BA, English Literature, San Francisco State
33, 3rd child, youngest son
2 years with AmeriCorps, 4 years travelling, 1 year as Grounds Keeper at Hill Valley Golf Club, 1 year as Assistant Golf Pro.

I don't really have much interest in the family business.

I don't know how I got into this family. I'm not like any of my siblings. My motivations are completely different. I admire what Dad has created and appreciate the benefits I've received. I want to see him and Mom retire and travel. They've earned it.

I do appreciate the annual dividends.

There are advantages to keeping the business in the family, including my annual perks. However, if Dad sells the company, we'll all benefit from that too. It’s a win for me either way.

I want to see the business sold so my older siblings will quit arguing.

My older siblings, Jasper, and Janine are going to fight over control of the operation. They're both stubborn as hell. They are fairly compensated for their contribution. I’m afraid either one will run the company into the ground. They just don’t have Dad’s business savvy. We should just sell the whole thing and move on.

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